Researcher-Clinician Synergy

Researchers and clinicians each play a crucial role in the war against depression.


As in all medical fields, scientists behind the scenes create the weapons that health professionals on the front lines use to fight for their depressed patients. This website and the Clinaptica Depression Consultant app only exist because of the exceptional work of numerous researchers and clinicians over the years. By developing the medications that now exist and implementing methods for optimizing their use these two groups have made Depression Consultant possible.

Of course there is more to the story. What makes Depression Consultant the first decision support system of its kind?

1. The patented algorithm guiding the scores and recommendations of the Clinaptica Depression Consultant has been extensively utilized in treating thousands of depressed patients by clinicians across the United States.

 2. The algorithm is based on common sense principles of clinical management:

    a. Determine the patient's symptom profile, e.g, anxious and irritable vs. fatigued and apathetic, and use calming SSRIs like citalopram for the former and more activating NDRIs like bupropion for the latter.

    b. Develop recommendations that take into consideration the relationship between current symptoms and possible side-effects of medications already being taken.

    c. Recognize that treatment adherence is essential for effectiveness, and adherence depends upon tailoring treatment to the needs of the patient.

Depression Consultant uses more than published findings to solve the problems faced daily by clinicians and patients. In a field where most essential studies have yet to be performed and unbiased data is limited, a high premium must be placed on clinical experience and wisdom. Lack of objective, practical research is a problem that must be corrected as soon as possible, but with depression on the increase, clinicians and patients need the best treatment strategies available today. That is what Depression Consultant attempts to provide.


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